5w QRP & 40m

What is QRP? Well that’s low power in ham lingo. QRO would be the exact opposite being high power. Hams are licensed to operate up to 1500w on transmit in the USA through the FCC.

So what’s possible? World wide on a good day with sunspots energizing the ionosphere.

Recently though, at the bottom of the solar cycle, not so much. Many are thinking they NEED power to make contacts. Fact is, here I am working portable with a dipole antenna, a 12v 12ah battery, and a 5w rig. Yes working SSB phone at 5 watts! Contacts include Canada and Mexico at this point. The QRP radio is only a couple of months old and has only been out in service a handful of times. Many more miles to put on it and I look forward to continuing to be impressed with what 5w will get you even in these less than ideal conditions. Here’s a couple of QSO (contact in ham lingo) maps for you to consider.