5w QRP from Big Hill Pond State Park TN

29 contacts including Canada, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago 5w on 40 & 20m. It was a beautiful afternoon at the park. This park has an observation tower and a lake (sorry no photos) I did not find a road to the observation tower but did find a trail marker that pointed that way. Maybe you have to walk it? The camping area looked well built, maintained and equipped. Facilities were in good condition although I did notice that some items like water fountain on the restroom building near the picnic area appeared to be missing from the wall. All of the tables and benches were in good, almost new condition. With 60 degree weather and a light breeze coming off the lake it was a light jacket evening and peaceful. Noise level was non existent as I’ve come to expect from these big state parks that are away from cities and this make the radio operating experience just an absolute pleasure in itself. Couple that with the very pleasant weather for late winter/early spring and the beauty of outdoors made for a much needed peacefully relaxing experience.

For the families with kids, I did see a play ground that from the road as i drove by looked equally well maintained. I’d expect no less from what I saw of the park. This park boasted miles of hiking and horse back trails. I did see some other vehicular traffic as people were moving through the park but for the most part the picnic area was mine that evening. Kind of surprised I didn’t see more people, such a beautiful place to hang out.

I’ll have to activate it again if I am ever back in the area of Pocahontas TN.