Corona Virus, Operating & Website Updates

With the advent of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) here in the USA, and its resulting self quarantine and stay home orders. Parks have closed in several states including here in SC. So that has slowed, and effectively stopped my portable QRP operations and the main purpose of this blog.

But not to be dismayed, there is other information I wanted to add here and I’ve added some of those pages and am filling them in as time allows between family and work obligations. Also a couple of friends have asked for help/advice on getting their “tickets” or Amateur Radio licenses so I’ve been answering questions and feeding them suggestions and information on that process. Someone once elmered me and now its my turn to be the Elmer. More to come on this later I’m sure!

A vertical antenna project is under way and will have a write up under the projects tab once it is completed and operational. I suspect I’ll have a few nice screen grabs from the VNA to share also.

For those wondering, yes we are doing fine. We are well stocked, supplied and prepared. We are doing what we can to stay to ourselves and limit possible exposure. The schools are doing distance learning, so there’s a new experience and another Elmering moment so to speak.

For the most part, my operations from the shack here have been mostly monitoring while taking care of other tasks and testing my very poor CW (Morse Code) skills. Something I need to work on, we will put that in the list of TO DOs.

As far as the bands go, recently I’ve been pleased to see increased activity on 20, 15 and some of the higher bands. This I’m taking as a good sign that we may be on our way up and out of the solar minimum we have been in and the ionosphere will cooperate and give us those nice hops to DX lands. Here’s hoping anyway!

Stay well and smart, 73