The IC-730 is a nice little HF transciever that covers multi-mode operation. It can transmit using CW, SSB and AM. There is no FM or new digital phone modes built in. It does include the WARC bands.

Features of the IC-730:

All ModeAnalog S/RF Meter
VOX FunctionIF Shift
100 Hz DisplayDual Digital VFOs
Dial Lock10/100/1000 Hz Tuning
One memory per bandRIT
Noise BlankerPreamp
Frequency coverage is:
3.5-4, 7-7.3, 10-10.5 (receive), 14-14.35, 18-18.5, 21-21.45, 24.5-25 and 28-29.7 MHz.

The audio reports I have received on this rig range from excellent to very good. This is using both the original hand mic and my desk mic that is ran though an audio mixer. The top mounted speaker isn’t bad, clear audio but I prefer a speaker that directs the audio to the operator and not up in front of me. Therefore I would recommend getting an external speaker that will direct the sound to you at your operating position if you were to decide to get one of these rigs.

If you are looking to buy one of these, or are considering an older rig here’s some things to consider: It is all solid state, so no tubes to worry about. Rigs of this age have been known to have leaky capacitors that affect the performance and operation so be aware of that and check for it. This is not an ICOM specific concern, but more a general concern of rigs this age. These were produced in the 80s I think, someone with some data can get the dates to me and I’ll update it here.

I use this rig almost exclusively from the home shack. This is the rig that I use for HF phone, SSTV, FTmodes, RTTY, etc. Basically, if I do it from the home shack on HF its done using this rig.