The MFJ-949E is honestly an excellent little T network matching device, and is designed for use in HF from 160m to 10m band. This thing has been a workhorse for me and I expect many years of service out of it. The inductor has fixed taps and the amount of inductance is selected via a 12 position rotary switch. The air gap capacitors are firm but not too stiff giving positive feedback as inductance is adjusted to get that “perfect” match for low SWR. The cross needle meter is large enough for a quick glance check and clearly marked and easy to read during tune up. It also has an internal resistive 50 ohm dummy load. The back light I find to be both soft enough and bright enough for easy operation during low light conditions without straining the eyes due to a harsh or overly bright light. It supports 3 antennas being connected and those antennas can either be used as resonate (bypass) or tuned antennas. There are 2 SO-239 connectors for your UHF coaxial connections and a balanced or unbalanced ladderline/wire antenna VIA a 4:1 balun build in.

Probably the best method I’ve found, and I know many suggest this, to get “close” before ever touching the key is to tune the radio to the band you want to operate on. Select the antenna you want to use, then listen to the noise floor and click through the inductor selections. The selection giving the highest static noise floor is the one you want. Then adjust the Transmitter capacitor listening for another rise in the noise floor. Finally do the same with the Antenna capacitor listening for that final small rise. Now the tuner is “close” a short low power stroke of the key and maybe a few tweaks of the capacitors and you are in business!

Not sure what else I could say about this little tuner, Its a good pairing for that 100w rig with plenty of head room because of its 300w rating.

MFJ-949E front view
MFJ-949E rear view
MFJ-949E internals