The Radioshack HTX-202 is my very first “HAM” radio. Now while I will rave about how solid this radio is and suggest it as a GREAT little HandieTalkie (HT), and it is, this radio and myself have a history! I guess I’ll go ahead and tell you. My HTX-202 bought new, from Radioshack in middle GA, was sent back to Tandy Co. 6 times in its first bit of life. They had my radio more than I did. To the point that I bought a used dual band alinco to use while it was at the repair center. For what ever reason, and one I doubt anyone ever figured out, this thing would just flat EAT final PA transistors like no tomorrow. Didn’t matter what antenna or how good the match was, it didn’t last long. The local Radioshack, feeling my pain, eventually just replaced the radio with another new one. I don’t think they asked Tandy’s permission, they just did it. Since that time, the HTX-202 that they gave me, has been a TANK! This thing has worked phone on simplex for HOURS running off a 12v home brew power supply (was built after the debacle, so no that wasn’t it) and then was finally moved into its primary job even today. Packet radio. Yup this thing, bought new in 95 is still on the air doing its thing transmitting 5w bursts of digital information! So, honestly, the one bad experience aside, if you ever get the chance to get your hands on one I doubt you’ll be disappointed. In fact if I ever see an HTX-404 for sale at a realistic price I’ll probably snag it. The 404 is the same radio, only in the 70cm band.