The HTX-212 was the first mobile radio I bought, I think I bought this thing in 96. It’s in storage right now but I’m planning to dig it out, and put it back on the air. I’ll take the QYT out of the truck and bring it back in the house for use as the local FM radio from the shack, the task it was originally planned to have when bought. The HTX-212 served me well until being taken out of service at the wife’s request (she didn’t like the “noise”) when paired with a 5/8 wave whip. I’ll probably cut another 5/8 wave and mount to the truck’s tool box and see how that matches up. I really look forward to using this radio mobile again, it was a joy to operate in the 90s through the 2000s and if its brother, the HTX-202 is any indication it’ll come right back into service without any issues!