K-2356 qrp 7.213MHZ

Well, went out to Bayou Segnette State Park in Louisiana while on a trip and activated it using the Xiegu G1M and a 40m dipole. It was a pleasant day and for only $3 admission a good distraction and relaxing time while waiting on my new flight due to work demand and travel changes. Propagation was good for 5w below sea level and I made 15 contacts in well less than an hour including set-up and take down time.

Here are a few photos of the area. I’d highly recommend visiting this park if you are ever in the area of New Orleans and need a place to relax and enjoy the weather. It was not overly busy or crowded and the day use pavilion area was clean and well kept.

I’m not exactly sure what trees are here in the park as it was early spring/late winter and identifying trees by their bark is not my strong suite. But they did work fairly well for getting the dipole up about 10′ though the numerous small branches did prove to provide their own small special challenge.

My biggest observation was when it was time to go, the battery powering the radio started to say it was time and in response I leaned back on the bench just a bit, putting my weight on the rear 2x, and the bench also said it was time to go by breaking and dumping me flat on my back.

I don’t blame the park for this so much as there is a significant number of these pick nick tables they have to maintain and at first glance when I chose this table I did not suspect any issues with it either. But it is a reminder to check where you are going to be putting you butt!! You can see here all the equipment I carry. The radio, battery, antennas and coax all fit in that tool bag. The zipper folder is the logbook as currently for portable use I paper log then transfer to CQRlog when I return home and upload to POTA and LOTW with the appropriate location settings in TQSL for LOTW.