Net Night & PI4 Update

OK so some functionality that I want to achieve is up and running. GREAT NEWS is the noise floor that’s plagued my station is now gone! From a S5/6 noise floor down to S1/2 let’s hope it stays that way!

CQRlog now uses the database in the old PC remotely through the home network. That was an easy task to setup, I’ll do a write up on the entire setup once all functions are working as I want them to. WSJTX is functioning better than ever. And SSH/VNC is working to remote into the desktop that has now found it’s home in the living room. That enables me to easily handle the more heavy tasks from here in the shack/office remotely while in the comfort of my operating or work positions. Ubuntu and Raspian has done excellent jobs of making those tasks a breeze that’ll be another article coming complete with screenshots for anyone looking for help in achieving the same.

At this point, I see several PIs serving their various purposes in the shack in the future. Packet on VHF seems a natural fit. I’ll have to work on testing setups for software to BBS and TNC from the PI. That’ll be some more research and setup but if it’s as functional as I suspect it will be it will be a superior option over getting a new TNC for both functionality and cost. Especially once I figure out using HAMLIB’s rigcntrld to operate the PTT via the PI’s GPIO pins. Initial research suggests that shouldn’t be a huge task and will be excellent for VHF packet and HF digital over using a VOX system.

The lower noise floor is a dream when working the net, I’m hearing guys I would have NEVER heard before! All 3 net control stations are clear and easily copied. Steve in WA is a solid, easily copied S3 so he’d get a good 53 signal report tonight. I haven’t given a 53 signal report on 40m since moving from TN as S3 was just way too far into the noise to even begin to copy! I’m a happy boy at the moment!