Net Night & Portable HF

After the G1M had it’s little microphone issue and the subsequent repair, I finally got the chance to use it for the 100W&AW net. Ian had issues not due to my signal but due to another couple of operators just below the net frequency so the contact was short and struggled for, but I made it in.

Another operator out of AL commented on a FB thread that he would have given me a 55/56 and that the audio was “easy to copy” so that’s a positive. Now to decide how to fix the radio so that this doesn’t happen again. I fear for the traces on the board should I drop the radio or move and start to stretch the cord thus putting strain on the PCB and its traces. Maybe I’ll open it up and look for space to sneak a 3.5mm stereo jack into the side of the radio’s case that attaches to the case and not directly and solely on the board. This would be a better situation as then the case of the radio would be taking the strain and not the PCB and its traces.

I’ll update how that goes when the time comes. Still remaining would be the 3.5mm jack on the microphone but that can be solved in other ways and so far it seems that the marine heat shrink solution has provided sufficient strain relief and grip to both the jack and the cable itself, time will tell.