On the road, radio trouble and waiting on parts!

Well, I work in an “essential” business, I’m a field service engineer, and I have had to be on the road. Well I had to wait on parts So, what did I do but sit, work on my websites, blog, play on FB and the radio. I’ve had intermittent signal reports ranging from 33 to 59 out of the QRP rig. Not a huge surprise right? Well mixed in would be “crystal clear” reports and the next QSO someone tell me “You’re ate up with RF OM”. Think I finally found it! The microphone jack was broken off the board inside the radio! Well upon this discovery I picked up a soldering iron and patched it up. I’ll get out later and toss a dipole into a tree and see what kind of reports i get now.

Here’s hoping its fixed up and I don’t discover something else underlying!